VaporOS A New Vaporizer For The Geek Market

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VaporOS A New Vaporizer For The Geek Market

Have you ever tried to vaporize an actual bud? If not, you are definitely missing out. While the herbals are certainly great to smell, they take forever to prepare, and also take up a decent portion of your kitchen counter. However, once you get the knack to vaporizing cannabis, you may find yourself looking forward to some relaxing time with your friends, rolling up a joint, or perhaps smoking some popcorn.

Vaporesso Gen2 is the perfect choice for people just getting into vaporizing cannabis. These Vaporizer Kits is extremely easy to use, and has changed the way we have enjoyed cannabis since the early 80’s. The first Vaporizer Kit from Vaporesso was the original Vaporizer Pods, which was the original electronic cigarettes. They still sell a few of those to this day. Then they came out with the Vaporesso Gen2, which is the upgraded version of their first kit, the Vaporizer Kits.

The new Vaporesso Gen2 is basically an upgrade to the first kit, except that it comes with two batteries instead of just one, which increase the chances of temperature control. It also has a digital LED display that shows you everything at eye level and has a very user-friendly safety button on the side of the vaporizer. All in all, this kit is perfect for anyone who just started enjoying cannabis or anyone who wants to try something new but isn’t quite ready to start buying supplements or oils. It doesn’t take long to heat up, and only takes about fifteen minutes to do a hit.

One of the major complaints people had with the original Vaporizer Kit was that it didn’t work very well, but the new model fixes that problem completely. With the Gen2 you actually have a program that guides you through the entire smoking process. It is built into the kit, so you don’t even need a laptop to use it. Everything is built into one body, so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries or taking the unit apart to clean it. Instead, just be ready to pop in the batteries and use it right away.

The vaporizer itself is built into a pen that is small and handy. It has a built-in USB connector, so you don’t even need a computer to use it. The pen also works great as a glass bowl that you can put your bud in and enjoy. There is no temperature control on this thing because it works as a portable vaporizer. It heats up quickly, and you don’t have to worry about adjusting your temperature in order to see what you are smoking.

The biggest thing that sets the vapororesso gen apart from other starter kits is the built-in glass bowl that you can use to keep your oil or water inside. You have two options on the Vapesso Gen 2. You can get the one with the built-in glass bowl that is tall and thin like a real glass bowl or you can get one that is pretty similar, only smaller. Either way, they look really good when put on display. There is also a stainless steel plate with holes where the wires go that makes the entire kit look super fancy.

The main complaint about the original Vapesso was that the coils were too small to actually get a good draw. This is still an issue, but not nearly as much as it was. There are now coils that are about 4 times bigger to help get a better draw, which eliminates a lot of the wicking problems everyone was having. While the standard size coils are still available, the new larger ones make everything a lot smoother. It is just a matter of replacing them every so often to keep up the performance.

Most vaporizers on the market these days come with an instruction manual that will walk you through step by step through the entire process. I highly recommend taking the time to read it, because there is a lot of information you will be able to pick up on. In my experience, the GeekVape Kit has the easiest to use controls of any vaporizer out there. The kit even comes with two coils of the famous Chitosan Sub Ohm Tank, which means you get top quality flavor at a low cost. If you’re looking for an easy to use starter kit that is affordable, the GeekVape Kit definitely fits the bill.