Vaping | This is how you clean your tank and box mod

cleaningvapetankE-cigarettes, box mods and vaping in general have many advantages, but for me a decisive bonus is clearly the money saved. That might sound a bit strange at first, but when someone asks me why I switched, this is one of the first explanations that comes to mind. At this point, let’s ignore the health benefits.

But vaping can also be quite expensive, especially if you are into the latest high-tech products and change them more often than your underpants. Many often forget that box mods and all other additional parts are electronic devices that should be handled with absolute care and caution. And this is exactly what ultimately includes proper care and correct maintenance and cleaning.

We are not talking about single-use devices that should be disposed of after a certain period of time because they are over their peak. No, with proper handling you can use your favorite devices for a long time. Let me show you a few tips.

The right care for your vape tank

Sure, you expect a high level of functionality with expensive devices. But this decreases with age if you don’t keep to cleaning your products. It is normal for vape tanks to sink or leak from time to time. This is due to the fact that at some point the cotton wool in the coils can no longer absorb liquids.


Anyone who is dealing with a cartomizer or an eGo has an easy job. The excess residue always collects on the floor above the 510 pin, where you can simply wipe off the overflowed e-liquid.

With sub-ohm tanks, it is a lot more difficult here, because here the residues collect where the coils are attached. Here in particular, a more precise cleaning is advisable from time to time. My tip: kitchen paper is the solution here. Roll up a small piece of this paper and then try to clean the device by moving it back and forth in the small opening at the bottom of the tank. This should remove excess e-liquid residue. I recommend that you do this once a week to ensure a perfect connection between the housing and the coils.


In order to get the inside of your tanks completely clean, I recommend that you disassemble them completely and then hold them under hot water for about 30 to 60 seconds. For sub-ohms in particular, it is advisable to put the individual parts in a bowl with hot water and a very mild soap. In the meantime, clean the tank bottom really thoroughly and then blow dry it. It is essential to assemble the individual parts again as soon as they are absolutely dry. After you’ve installed a new coil, you’re ready for the next month!

The right care for your box mod

For devices with a built-in battery, it is very easy to clean them, because basically you don’t really have many options for cleaning. The only thing you should pay attention to is that the 510 connection is always clean. Use kitchen paper and simply wipe away excess e-liquid or dirt.

For devices with removable batteries, it is advisable to clean the connections at least once a week, which could have accumulated dirt, dust or e-liquid during this time. Meanwhile, you should always check whether there are any signs of use such as slightly charred connections or the like.


As can already be seen, the correct care of your device is really not rocket science and also takes very little time. However, if you regularly follow the tips and guidelines, you will be able to spend a lot more time with your favorite device, save money and simply have more fun with vaping. Because the cleanliness ultimately also affects the taste and your complete vaping experience!

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