The Original Cloud Beast Sub Ohm Tank – A Vaporizer With a Difference!


The Original Cloud Beast Sub Ohm Tank – A Vaporizer With a Difference!

While most current vapers are very familiar with their very popular TFV4 mini sub ohm Tank, they continue to broadcast horizons far before that product is even released. From being one of the very first companies to employ dual coils in their tanks, to broadening the scope of cloud producing devices, and introducing new Bluetooth technology to their sub-ohm tanks, SMOK was a trailbiker. And now they are continuing that tradition. They just announced their new line of high performance smokeless tobacco products.

Just like the original mini tanks and mods from SMOK, these new offerings also come in exciting new colors and styles. They continue to emphasize the superior quality and performance of their top of the line traditional sub-ohm tanks with the addition of some really impressive and fun mods. From cool glass Modules to Smoktech lava Modules and many other styles of awesome mods, these smoking devices really set a new bar in the world of vaporizing. This is a really impressive effort by them to broaden the scope of smoking products.

From the very beginning, Smoktech and other vapers have loved the way that the steam from their handcrafted wood boxes wood flavour their tobacco. So the company has continued to expand the capacity of their wood boxes to create larger steam vapor outputs and made it possible to flavour their sub-ohm tobacco using these handcrafted wooden boxes. So, not only did they expand their range of vaporizing equipment but also broadened their flavors by adding more powerful flavorings to their handcrafted wood boxes. This has really helped them become one of the leading companies in the industry. However, as is always the case with any company, business wise, the goal is always to keep improving and expanding their product lines to stay on top of the competition.

When I first saw the original SMOKtech Sub Ohm Tank, I was quite taken back by how small it was and yet so sturdy. In my humble opinion, a very nice feature of the original is it the unique double coil construction. With this unique design, the temperature control is much more efficient because two coils are used instead of one, resulting in a higher efficiency of cooling and heating. The resulting effect is that there is almost no extra room temperature created during normal use. Since I use a lot of different Sub Ohm Tanks, I decided to try out the original Cloud Beast King Kit with the double coil system.

The Cloud Beast King Sub Ohm Tank proved to be very easy to use and the aroma produced was really phenomenal. The aroma produced is actually similar to that produced from drinking a pot of coffee with a great blend of cream and sugar. So, as you can probably infer, the smok flavor that is produced by these Sub Ohm Tubes is very well suited for coffee and other beverages. The manufacturer of smok has established a track record of creating quality products that have customer satisfaction at the highest level.

The Cloud Beast King Sub Ohm Tank is the flagship brand of smok. It has also established a track record of selling out very quickly due to the great demand of this unique and advanced vaporizer. Because of this, many current vaper enthusiasts, as well as returning consumers, have started purchasing the original Cloud Beast King Sub Ohm Tank along with many other popular and leading vaporizers such as the TFV4 Sub Ohm Tank, Dual Coil Complex, and the Velocity Squeeze II.

When I first tried the Cloud Beast King Sub Ohm Tank, I was impressed by how easy it was to use and the way it smelled. Like I mentioned above, it’s an especially unique and advanced e liquid vaporizer due to the fact that it utilizes two different coils to produce the incredible cooling sensation. It’s this unique ability to produce two distinct sensations that makes many vapers enjoy their Cloud Beast experience to the fullest.

When it comes to vaporizing, many people have come to realize that the Cloud Beast is one of, if not the most innovative and well thought out vaporizer on the market today. This amazing product has provided a huge boost to the global e-juicing industry as well as creating a new high, as many have experienced firsthand. The Cloud Beast Sub Ohm Tank is a stellar example of how a revolutionary product can deliver unbelievable results when properly used in the right situation. It’s no wonder that the Cloud Beast has become so much more than just another great vaporizer, it has become the flagship brand for many papers that have come to appreciate its excellence.