Review on some products of the brand Ehpro

I received a gift from heaven average Ehpro Cold Steel 200 purposes of this review.


The color of the Ehpro Kelpie:

– Black
– Corrosion of iron


– Size: 25 x 40 mm
– Capacity: 2 ml (bubble glass tube included 3.5 ml)
– Material: Steel Glass / Steel
– Topic: About 510

In the frame:

– 2 ml Ehpro Kelpie RTA
– Pre-Spools
– Glass tube 3.5 ml
– O-ring
– Screwdriver
– Philips head screws
– cotton
– User Guide
– Guarantee card
– Certification Map

Average Kelpie designed by Vic youtube channel vaping With Vic and produced by Ehpro Fusion.

No atomize the coil and is available in two colors, I received a stainless steel. Spray comes in a nice package in the package, receive and cotton rolls, so if you do not, you can use a cotton reel, and the packaging is very good, also in the package you will receive a Tanks glass bubbles . In the upper eyelid, you can see some very nice touches and touch the airflow, you can see some detail by adjusting the airflow. In the upper eyelid, you can see “Kelpie” was recorded and you can see the arrow in the room can see the logo engraved. From the bottom of the atomizer You can see the standard and the information we have here 510 gold-plated pins and thread here either.

With the atomizer, you receive 810 points drop, drops falling finish is already installed and a very nice place and I think it is very convenient to use. In the atomizer, you can use tip sheets 810 that if he did.
This is the atomizer is more abundant and has a sliding system here, so basically simply push the envelope to fill the tank. In the upper eyelid, you can see the arrow is where you have to push the lid and press the top cover, you can see the fill hole and the hole is large enough, you will be able to use any bottle here without any problems . There is no escaping fill the sprayer is excellent. At the top a little loose cover, top cover, I want more tension here, but still above the roof itself Openet never in my pocket so far is good. However, the spray is very easy to complete and can do so without problems.

Atomizer equipped with two glass tanks, tank ordinary glass and has a tank capacity of 2 ml, this capacity may be good for some people. The others were in the package is a glass tank bubble and the tank has a capacity of 3.5 ml capacity, which is good considering the size of the tank. In this atomizer I want to use a glass bubble tanks to capacity and think this is a great help, since many people will be using the glass bubble tank. O ring clamp in the tank well, so basically, the coil can be changed or the cotton out the liquid in the tank with both email.

aerosol build a much more attractive in the platform construction platform can see four places pro here it is that it can basically coil regardless of coil wound while the wire coil on the same side can always put reel in the construction of the platform, the advantages are too big for me.
While the unit fixing roller screws holding the lead screw is good, but a very small screw and it will be a scam, but it is always a good live performance.
In the atomizer is the construction of the bridge, we can see a large number of holes airflow, 30 holes, you can see the air flow, so that the air flow will reach the bottom of the reel spool the wound and a very good team. Perhaps it could be better than a hole in a row on each side is not here because the air flow from the last row of rolls drilling missing. Also on the cover, one can see two slots of the shaft. The use of cotton could almost easily medium and can easily be placed on the bridge.
Basically, you can see the control ring airflow and ring, you can be seen two holes airflow. You can easily adjust the airflow and adequate on the one hand, it will be the same on the other side, we also have a plug here.

How does it work? Atomizer and my mind:

Let me start with the packaging, really included in the package are two coils and cotton because someone uses packing coil and cotton, I think this is a great advantage and I think that each atomiser must transmit coil and cotton, because I really like the package, a glass tank will be received with a tank capacity of the bubble with a better way.

Average construction is very simple and easy, great advantage that no matter how the coils will be able to place the Ehpro Panther on the deck wrapped, but the small screw and defrauding someone, work well without new screws problem. In this atomizer I want to use a coil of 3 mm in diameter and I would advise you to 3 mm coil atomizer, because I think it works better with 3mm coil. Ehpro 101 Pro is very easy, so, I suggest you put cotton as I did in the picture you can see how it looks. It is very important for cotton as I did because of the amount of absorption and no leaks. So if you do everything I no problems with leaks and moisture wicking.

Fill the hole in the top of the well, and you will be able to fill the tank with a very good bottle, but I think the tension in the upper lid should be better, once again, was never opened by itself, even very good .
average fine taste, or it could mean a lot of sense, but I think the flavor will be better with fewer holes in the platform, but hunters defined flavor.
atomizing air flow is very good, very smooth air flow and air flow actually here, I love ariflow also restricts the flow of personnel and excellent air for me and my style of vaping.
So this is a very good repellent especially if you want to buy a good taste of pulverizers, because with it you will get a good taste is also very smooth airflow and good build quality.



– screw a very small platform
– I want more pressure on the upper deck




– Good build quality
– I love design
– Pointe falls Practice
– Coils and cotton in the package
– No leakage
– easy to fill
– cotton can be changed when the liquid remaining in the reservoir
– The very smooth airflow
– coil honeycomb airflow
– Excellent taste
– Easy to adjust the airflow
– bubbles in a glass tank package
– It’s easy to build
– Is it easy axis
– You can put a bit of a problem of how wound bobbin


Thank you gift from the sky

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