review of vape battery smok nord rpm80 coils mag p3 trinity alpha nfix kit

Vapeciga smok nord starter kit one sheath monster with a 7.5 ml capacity and 18,650 dual battery. But it’s too much? RPM160 deepen all Smok this test and more information.

These products were shipped to Smok kind of generosity for the purpose of an impartial review. other thoughts you find below are my own and are not affected by the fact that this gifted as a control sample.

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Probably Smok RPM160 is a monster of a gondola from the unit. Although the 18650 has a double and a large battery capacity 7.5 ml E-liquid. Is this a sign that things are changing in the world of Smok RPM160 system? But RPM160 all the air? Let’s take a closer glance comments Smok RPM160.

The contents of the box
Here is a brief summary of what you can expect to see included in the kit Smok RPM160.

Smok RPM160
1x unit of Smok RPM160
Pod RPM160 Smok 1x 7.5 ml (2 ml TPD)
2x coil mesh 0.15Ω RPM160
1x Micro USB Type B
1x user manual

laminate typical packaging Smok before with options for color images Smok RPM160. In addition to the main features exposed as icons and text. Although the content behind the box office, the authenticity of the listener, warnings and compliance with government logos.

Advance and remove the outer sheath and the cover of the user manual revealed glovebox device Smok RPM160 preassembled. While USB cable reels and sit together.

manufacturing quality

Although the shape is unusual, show new smok rpm80 pro coils surprisingly slim and stylish look as well as panels carbon fiber false

Despite weighing 120 g without the battery while in the hands of plastically robustness RPM160 denied. Although usability lines remains comfortably in hand nets. Also I liked the form factor RPM160.

While the front fascia is composed of large carbon panels imitation ordered a set of pages and sounds buttons are sensitive to both ease of use and practical.

However, some, I personally do not care may be disappointed by the lack of USB-C ports, since the only chargers supposed to be used to charge the batteries of 18,650.

With the battery inserted, the battery door remains firm and while there was no movement move slightly upward is not visible when handling. In addition to maintaining the battery cover it is easy to open without excessive traction to operate.

Undoubtedly LCD Smok is not the sharpest, and the light that can make it difficult to display bright day without hat in hand. However RPM160 Smok very good disposition. Besides making the arrangement is controlled readable readings. On the other hand, there is no option on the issue of ordinary colors to distract the layout, which is ideal for watching.

Smok RPM160 Pod

As it expected pod smok mag p3 click in own well trained and trained PCTG a little dark

However, judging from the e-liquid level is very good. Pod also has advanced integrated drop by drop, drip tip easy to use and perfectly balanced with the coil covered mesh 0.15Ω.

Furthermore, the fill hole in the back of the nacelle is a good size to facilitate filling mark rotary seals. But while removing the seals, if the car is driven, you can leave behind the housing and land on the floor. sheath remains strong in the use and rock solid when pushed forward.

Basic dimensions to the top of the device, height 125 mm Smok RPM160 Inc. drip tip. Furthermore RPM160 has a 28.2mm wide and 45mm deep from front to back.


Time vaping style offer customized voice Smok RPM160 watt and counter offers breath mode.

In addition to Smok energy RPM160 5 Custom, click the shutter. In addition, 3, click the button drawn fire for preventing the device. For now, the fire and the same time the release button Watts. In addition to the fire button and reset the counter to zero, the next breath.

Variable watt – VW
Watts will likely limit set enables fine adjustment of the vaporizer experience. Especially with Smok RPM160, control buttons allow gradual adjustment 1W. Perfect for a good balance of the power output coil and personal preferences

battery usage

With two 18650 battery, but the battery Smok economic RPM160. More vaping to 62W with 2000 mAh battery will last between 250-300 flashes depending on battery life.

In addition to the battery level for the second screen shown on the battery icon and the percentage of reproduction. So similar to mobile phones. Additionally, when charging the cost of the remaining time displayed is always good to see. An evidentiary RPM160 Smok Smok produce 5.12V increase the ratio of 1.26A.


Vapeciga smok trinity alpha battery replacement definitely super easy filling, filling holes with good size and joints are twisted way.

In addition, the filling hole is placed at the rear, there is no need to remove the pod for a refill. However, the location of the filling hole can cause problems. Moreover, if the push behind the pod, they can be pushed out of the device and landed on the floor. Therefore, putting a finger in the back of the nacelle to support the opening and filling the casing 2 in kind.


Despite the lack of air flow established RPM160 Smok, airflow provides DTL vape loose. But the flow of air sucked through the front and back of the product is very gentle spray. Interestingly Smok RPM160 much quieter because the greater the air flow,

spool replacement

A coil replacement is fun and easy to handle Smok RPM160. Not to be replaced with a roll of the remaining e-liquid. But replacing and priming of the coil is a case of taking the old rolls. Followed by the initiation of a new reel with a few drops of e-liquid two coils and a fireplace in each port of discharge. Placed next to the coil sheath RPM160 and recharge. The key is to let it sit for 10-15 minutes to saturate the coil.

One point to note, as part of the testing process, leaving a jacket containing liquid and a carrier for at least 24 hours. Therefore, there is no leakage or duct coil, which is good to see.

mesh coil RPM160 0.15Ω – 70W

No doubt Smok RPM160 0.15Ω coil performs better than expected and its axis like a champ. 62-65W also perfectly during the test. Furthermore Fried Sweet Mango came through very well and produces a sweet lemon curd. In addition, brown sugar crumble gently spray is perfectly balanced.

But do not think that the support coil RPM160 point 0.15Ω. Perhaps because of the size of the coil, the coil continues to produce good taste to mark 600 puff. If the flavor and reduce, it could reach 900 puffs before suffering damage.

Chipset and Protection
Although the CI-160 chipset has a response time of 0.001s, I do not have a means test. But I can say that the response time is very fast without any delay visible.

Moreover smok nfix kit price get code offers the following levels of protection.

Low Battery (protection against surges) – battery pack level has been reduced to a point of no return.
Ohm too low – Cutting Security.
Ohm is too high – security court.
protection at high temperatures, both the protection of the electronic card and the battery – PCBA too hot.
Timeout 8s – Protects against accidental shooting continued.
Interestingly, there is no protection for USB reported. However, it would be reasonable to assume that there is some level of protection.

Specifications RPM160 Smok
Dimensions 28.2mm (W) x 45mm (D) x 125 mm (H) (peak dropwise, Inc.)
output power range 5W – 160 W
the output voltage 0.5 – 8.2V (unselected)
Type and amount of battery 2x 18650
Marco mod materials – plastic Terminals – PCTG
resistance range 0.1 – 2.5Ω
Weight 120 g (excluding batteries)
Undoubtedly, there is little to complain Smok RPM160. Moreover, the only problem was the original car, if pushed too long to recharge.

No doubt many will Smok RPM160 redundant earlier. However, the economy and a replaceable battery makes RPM160 18650 fun to use. However, several coils is sheathed RTA RPM160 that starts to make sense. In addition, the RPM160 Smok form factor with your back flat and not just the networks RPM160 lines are pleasing to the touch. But perfect to sit comfortably in a jacket pocket or a custom support or belt. With good taste and longevity 0.15Ω RPM160 coil, which Smok RPM160 related to a hit with many.

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Thanks you Smok

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