How E-Cigs Are Not Like Tobacco Smoke?

The original scop on vape smoke was how an electronic cigarette really is smoke in much the same way as cigarette smoke is, just that electronic cigarettes don’t burn the end of the tobacco like a cigarette. Instead, the coil within an electronic cigar works at a very high temperature and basically vaporises the liquid contained within. When you put the cigarette in your mouth, it’s instantly absorbed into your body through the throat and down your esophagus. But because there’s no flame and no real smoke involved, there’s very little ash to worry about. So why do we need to worry about the ash? It’s simply because if you don’t throw it out with every puff, then there will be a risk of some of it affecting your health in a negative way.

vape smoke

In theory, there should be no difference between “real” cigarette smoke and vapor from an electronic cigarette, right? Well, it’s certainly not so simple. There are actually several differences between real cigarette smoke and vapor from electronic cigarettes. But if you’re going to get into the nitty-gritty of things, it might make more sense to understand exactly what the differences are. That way, you’ll be better prepared to deal with potential issues or to explain to others why you consider vapes smoking material.

As it turns out, there have been quite a few animal studies on e-cigarette and vapor products over the past few years. One of the most shocking reports came from the Royal Society of Medicine, which did some independent research on animal trials. What they found was not good news for those who believe that e-cigs are safer than cigarettes: that there is a link between e cigarettes and animal cancers.

One of the worst things we’ve heard about was that vapor from the Cigs contains a cocktail of chemicals known as TCE or tetrahydrocurate. TCE is short for trithromine. This chemical has been deemed harmful by the FDA, because it is believed to mimic the taste of tobacco. Some of the chemicals that make up the vapor include ammonia, carbonyls, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, tannic acid and nitrosomines. These are just a few of the ingredients found in cigarette smoke, by the way. The problem lies in the fact that when these chemicals are breathed in, they transfer to the lungs.

The RSNM report found that one of the biggest problems with TCE is that it doesn’t go through the lungs. It gets absorbed through the skin and the mouth into the blood stream. This then travels to the lungs, where it does some damage. In essence, the RSNM has exposed smokers to a deadly new chemical, one that is associated with very real health risks. However, there is a solution, and it can be accomplished using electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes do not contain any of the tar or nicotine that you find in smoke. Rather, the vapor comes from the electronic cigarettes heating system. It has been proven that vapour from electronic cigarettes can be just as healthy as the smoke that is produced through smoking. The vapour is made from propylene glycol, a natural ingredient that is used to make soap. You could hardly call propylene glycol a dangerous ingredient but when inhaled it is in a completely different form than the deadly toxins produced by cigarettes.

The RSNM has done a great job of educating consumers about the dangers of vapour. While there may still be some health officials who would prefer people stopped smoking all together, those views are no longer mainstream. Many vapers have switched their views on smoking completely because of the danger of vapes. With so many different flavours available and no more tar or nicotine to worry about, it is easy to see why people choose to use this product. With no more health risks, it is easy to see why electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular. As long as they remain regulated, they will continue to grow in popularity.

As with any new technology, there is always more to learn about these products. We are fortunate enough to be able to watch developments in this industry every day. Keep your eyes open for more information on how electronic cigarettes are being regulated. With the increase in knowledge, there is no telling what the future holds for this exciting new way to enjoy an aerosol spray.