dovpo mod m vv squonk basium vape nickel 230w topside review

Hello everyone and welcome to a new examination. Today I’m going to box mod by vpeciga Dovpo squonk mod. Squonker successful tape mechanics, Squonk remove the bottle, hybrid and what do you get? The clutch … The clutch is what you get. This system is basically like taking SQ217 Tips signature and turn it into a compact mechanical mod. I’m a fan of the SQ serial device, so I have to say is something that excites me a little. I’ll take a look under the hood, see how it goes, and I will give the advantages, disadvantages and test ole baik’OVEN to the bottom. Let’s get right to it?


WARNING: This unit it was sent to me by Dovpo for review.




mod mechanical clutch



Available in black, green, blue and red.


Dimensions: 79.5mm x 35mm x 27mm

Battery: 21700 Single

Power range: Techniques


Other features: on / off switch off buttons customized advisory firm (SQ Topside style)


Since DNA75C smart has existed for a long time, I feel and I especially her. This is more or less a summary, so let’s go from start to finish how to operate it.


Part 1 – Bay battery – vapeciga dovpo m vv is behind the magnetic attachment to the door. SQ Same as previous devices, remains firmly in place and twisting machine when installed. The only it appears batteries easily and do not have toys. To remove, just to the side of the back door so you can get to the other side.


PART2 – atomizers and 510 – This unit can handle up to 27 mm without atomizer cantilever. 510 presents a large plate with a spring loaded plate 510 is fixed with screws and motors up flush. No atomizers treatment of all problems should sit flush instead. Atomizers low plaque size of 24 mm exhibit bright, but for most, is hidden.


Part 3 – Operation – As I said immediately, I will not delve into that chip a lot. 5 clicks of the shutter button lock and unlock the device. Three clicks aspects highlights of the screen so you can navigate and make changes. Finally, it is a DNA chip to connect to a computer you can adjust Dang near the screen and settings. This is a chip that is intense and deep that most people just use the tip of the iceberg.




Ok, so my first impression will be the same as those who have had one, but go … it is compact. Even the box it came smaller than some of the pod systems have received. As I said in the introduction, because erase some SQ squonking and go to the hybrid, the shorter is high, and also the depth, so it is one of, if not the only, 21700 mechanical mod there. Beyond measure, I think the quality of the overall development is top notch as well. strong magnetic strong body, doors and doors fit perfectly still place at all. As I passed the door I seem to have added a few touches as well. A 3d sleigh printed battery, which is where the bus, battery, and carefully place instead of the switch. PEEK also added insulation on top, even if the atomizer to remove the battery, it is difficult short of the device body. This is a key factor when I enter this use, and well thought their idea. Another thing that caught my attention was a little on / off at the rear. Blocks the generation of the light bar and allows clutch shot in the pocket without worrying shooting. Small details make a lot, so a simple device that is much more convenient and secure. SQ217 as a fan, I could not be more impressed by what they do to keep it compact, but still has all the great qualities we see in the SQ mods.




If you used the basium vape show new, knows that run button trigger finger style slot set in the device. Mod because so compact, I think I’m not fully grasp mod as it did before. Mino usually busy with three fingers in the throat and thumb on the back, not the palm. I was a little weird at the beginning, but it becomes second nature for you to use. Button still retains the feel is very similar to the SQ mods, but now has a flat bar on top of the assembly 510 squonking. It has a large flat surface, giving a solid formation to feel that a button is pressed. The tension is similar to the SQ button too, so if you’ve used one, you get very familiar.


Unlike the way this is all that is a hybrid connection. To use it correctly and I recommend that does not involve tears Mend previous atomizer batteries, which then allows the battery to fall essentially of, or who can help pushing through a mod. Remember PEEK insulation on top? This is where it is a key, such as a battery can move freely up and down without having to worry about a short circuit across mod. This design works well, however, it is also one of the falls. According to the atomizer use and length of 510 pins, change the amount of energy that is between 510 and negative battery contacts at the bottom. Using 510 atomizers again, this put more pressure on the bottom bar of silver. Uses the most widely used and finally be able to get neglected. Mike dizzy himself even posted a video showing how users bend the top bar to adjust the time for it. On the other hand, if a sprayer is used with a short pin 510 batteries may be lost outside the door and toys in bits. bar setting fire to care about her and that lasts long. It works great and all, but looks like it could have done something different for adjustment. I can see that the bar has been weakened over time if this machine is used a lot. Finally, only interrupted when the metal can not be folded slips back and forth always.


Reflections end / HOW fried


Ok, so in turn the most important aspect of any device, and talk about performance. In all honesty, I would have trouble finding a suitable mechanical device hit 21700 and is compact. I use it all the time mechs and continues with a device that costs three times more. It is efficient, compact, and has more advantages than disadvantages. First Pro, it is size. Very handy to throw in your pocket, and means remains in the garrisons, no matter where you put it. Secondly, it is the details that involve safety. PEEK insulator is a nice touch, but it has an on / off switch is a great victory. I wore wicks because I always felt there was an opportunity to enjoy a pocket with 99% of them. These sandals, throw it in your pocket, and you’re good to go. Another advantage is the quality. I always feel dovpo nickel 230w mod click in have some form and finish of the aluminum engine devices, but this is up to them all the qualities to do is mass produced in China. Dovpo really stepped up their game with the department and it shows. Last Pro is a vaporizer overall experience. As I said immediately hits. I do not feel a great tension and fall flat appearance. However, although it has some great benefits, there are some things that should be addressed. First, it is the way they executed a hybrid connection. atomizer must be loosened to remove the batteries. Of course, you can just push through, but you can get the tears do. Second, private-ness (is that word?) Of the battery it depends on the length of atomizer 510 and occasionally, even if it is used atomizer can begin to cover all buses and separate. Of course, some bent over holding for now, but it seems this requires long-term problems and can lead to a total failure on the road. With the last thing I want to talk about ergonomics. It is impractical for use as mods SQ. With less depth to handle the full mod, now I’m done more subtle (little finger out!). This is not a deal breaker because it becomes second nature, but certainly not comfortable to use.


Ok, so there are advantages and disadvantages, but these disadvantages, for me, acting like a deal? Absolutely not. I really enjoyed using this mod. It is one of the few mechanical modifications leaving home and feel safe to do so. The compact size is a curse and a gift, so a little weird, to be held but a big win in portability. However, the greatest thing he has for him is performance. Surprisingly good results and I use it all the drawbacks seem to hit a background in my mind. If that were not enough, add security features make it one of the best mechanical mods for someone who wants to enter them without spending a lot of money either. Well done Mike Dovpo and fried. This is a sweet little device.


TEST FOUR – If you accidentally falls into the pizza oven, I’ll get another? Definitely get another. No question.





lightweight design

21,700 batteries

FITS 25 / 26mm without false

Press felt strong

The safety switch / OFF

Useful easy to clean

Hits hard (klise’cara say)

Great fit and finish




connection busbars hybrid drive (detailed above)

Ergonomics is a little weird


Thank you all for reading and thanks for sending topside get code a way for me to review. I saw it online for about $ 90.


Dave pizza – provides real criticism without additional ingredients


Review Criteria: I use all elements for about two weeks I have collected enough data to write critical enough. I use the same e liquid in the tank or RDA through all my critical to ensuring that compare apples to apples among all modern appliances. I put a notice until I am convinced that I have used enough to give an educated critic. The reason I started doing because critical of poor decisions in my time buying vaping there are about two years. At that time, I bought a few different pieces of hardware without really enjoyed it and hope people spend their hard earned money so smarter than me! **** Please note that some items I can get preliminary version and not the retail packaging. The quality may be less than the finished product and what is in the package could be different from the packaging and retail.


You can buy here: dovpo mod

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