Smok Nord Kit Pod System Review

The Smok Nord vape pod system is bound to refresh your vaping experience and be the new favorite with kinds of patterns. Smok Nord vape pod system serves you a whole-day running and uninterrupted liquid with the 1100mAh battery and 3ml pod capacity. 0.6ohm mesh coil and 1.4ohm normal coil respectively carry out their duties in producing massive vapor and intense flavor, as the result of it, Nord kit wins the appreciation of both DL vapers and MTL chasers.

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Main Features:
1. Built-in 1100mAh battery, support re-charging by a micro USB port
2. Diversified protections, ensure a secure and smooth vaping
3. Compatible with several coils, including meshed and normal, fit for the requirement of DL and MTL vapers
4. 3-color LED indicators, inform you of the real-time battery power timely and accurately
5. One button design, handy to operate
6. 3ml capacity, sufficient for one intake
7. 13 types color and pattern, vary from your preference

Brand: Smok
Model: Nord
Battery: Built-in 1100mAh
Input Voltage: 3.3 – 4.2V
Output Wattage: 10 – 15W
Charging: Micro USB port
Charging Current: 370mA
Charging Voltage: 5V
Standby Current: < 100uA
Juice Capacity: 3ml
Compatible Coil: 0.6ohm mesh coil for sub ohm vaping
1.4ohm regular coil for MTL vaping
1.4ohm ceramic coil for CBD oil ( not included )
Mesh-MTL 0.8ohm coil ( not included )
Product Size: 3 x 1.88 x 9.4cm
Package Size: 12 x 7 x 4cm
Product Weight: 0.074kg
Package Weight: 0.2kg

Package Contents:
1 x Nord Device, 1 x 0.6ohm Mesh Coil, 1 x1.4ohm Regular Coil, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x User Manual

Smok Nord Vape Pod System New Color Coming


Smok Nord Vape Pod System Package Contents

Nord is a distinctive pod system device, it is a button-triggered one with large battery capacity, and it has cobra covered at main body to offer an exquisite and wild look.
Whatever in appearance or function, this one won’t let you down.

Black Smok Nord Vape Pod System


Smok Nord Vape Pod System Specifications
Smok Nord Vape Pod System Battery

Different with normal pod system devices, Nord is a button-triggered one, you need to fast press the button five times to power on the device and long press the button to vape. Same operations with box mods.

Prism Gold Smok Nord Vape Pod System
Smok Nord Vape Pod System Components

Nord’s mouthpiece continues the duck-billed design, but it also has a great improvement, with a lip curve on it, this mouthpiece could perfectly fit your mouth and offer better user experience.

Smok Nord Vape Pod System Mouthpiece

Nord has a size of 94*30*18.8mm, which make it an easy thing to put this device in bags or pockets. Wherever you go, Nord can be a good company.

Smok Nord Vape Pod System Size
Larger Capacity Smok Nord Vape Pod Cartridge

In this kit, there are two coils included: Nord 0.6| mesh coil and 1.4| regular coil. The 0.6| mesh coil is specially designed for sub ohm vaping, it has a large mesh inside, with which you can get faster heating process and massive vapor clouds; and the 1.4| regular coil is designed for MTL vaping, you can enjoy throat hit with it.

Smok Nord Vape Pod Coil
Smok Nord Vape Pod Coil Introduction
Smok Nord Vape Pod System Nord Ceramic 1.4ohm Coil

There’s a LED light on the button, press it twice then red, orange or green light will be on.
Red light will on when battery power is lower than 30%; orange light will on when power is between 30% to 70%; and green light will on when power is between 70% to 100%. According to the different light colors you can clearly know the device’s battery conditions.

Smok Nord Vape Pod System Different Power

NORD provides multiple types of protections to avoid potential risks.

Safe Smok Nord Vape Pod System
Smok Nord Vape Pod System Power Filling ijk

Airis Dabble Vaporizer Kit Review

Dabble Vaporizer is a wax concentrate vaporizer kit that comes with 900mAh battery capacity. It is compatible with both 14mm and 19mm glass bongs, so you can enjoy the best dabbing experience at home. With the press of a button, you can use it as a dab pen. It utilizes the Quartz Coil Technology to provide you pure taste. Auto heating mode and manual heating mode are designed for Dabble, you can switch the mode by pressing the power button. It features three different voltage options (3.4V, 3.7V, 4.2V). You can insert the atomizer into the main body to connect with battery easily with the unthreaded atomizer connection.

Main Features:
1. Quartz Coil technology
2. Glass bong compatible
3. Auto heating mode and manual heating mode
4. Temperature setting
5. Can be used as a dab pen
6. Variable voltage: 3.4V, 3.7V, 4.2V
7. 900mAh large battery capacity
8. Unthreaded atomizer connection
9. Micro USB charging

Brand: Airis
Product Name: Dabble Kit
Size: 106*39*28mm
Use for: Concentrate only
Input: DC 3.2-4.2V
Resistance: ≡0.8ohm
Voltage: Red=4.2V, Blue=3.7V, Green=3.4V
Battery Capacity: 900mAh
Variable voltage: 3.4V, 3.7V, 4.2V
Charging: Micro USB charging

Package Contents:?
1* Airis Dabble Device
1* 19mm Silicone Adapter
1* Micro USB Charging Cable
1* Stainless Steel Dab Tool
1* User Manual
1* Gift Box

Dovpo MVV II Semi Mech Mod Review

Dovpo MVV II Semi mech mod surprises you with hot-blooded and cool patterns at the first sight of it, rewarding your appreciation with both higher practicality and modernity. You have to install 2 18650 batteries into Dovpo MVV II Semi mech mod, with the help of a type-C USB port, available to bring you a lasting vaping experience. Equipped with 3 colors of LED indicator, it performs well in reminding you of the actual battery life.

Main Features:
1. Require 2 18650 batteries, support re-charging by a type-C USB port
2. Several protections, ensure a secure and stable vaping
3. 3 colors of LED indicator, clear on the real-time battery life
4. Shaped in palm-size with paopuii patterns, funny and distinctive

Brand: Dovpo
Model: MVV II
Material: PC + zinc alloy
Battery: Dual 18650 batteries ( Not included )
Resistance Range: 0.08 – 3.5ohm
Operating Voltage: 6.4 – 8.4V
Output Voltage: 1 – 8V
Thread: 510
Product Size: 9.1 x 5.3 x 2.7cm
Package Size: 12 x 7 x 4cm
Product Weight: 0.189kg
Package Weight: 0.23kg

Package Contents:
1 x MVV II Mod, 1 x Type-C USB Cable, 1 x User Manual

Dovpo MVV II Semi Mech Mod With 18650 BatteryDovpo MVV II Semi Mech Mod 3 Colors AvailableDovpo MVV II Semi Mech Mod SpecificationsDovpo MVV II Semi Mech Mod OverviewDovpo MVV II Semi Mech Mod BatteryDovpo MVV II Semi Mech Mod Package Contains

Airistech Switch Herb

Airistech Switch kit is a complete vaporizer, supporting starting with dry herb, wax and oil. Armed with a 2200mAh battery and a USB port, you are surely treated with a constant and long-lasting vaping. The 30s fast heat-up and 3-mode temperature setting allow you to quickly adapt the new equipment to your using habits. 3 distinctive vaping experiences with one payment, why not!

Airistech Switch Vapor Features:
1. 3-in-1 vaporizer kit for wax, dry herb and oil
2. Heat-up available within 30s and inform you with vibration after that
3. Powered by 2200mAh battery, support re-charging by a micro USB port
4. 3-mode temperature optional, capable of fitting it for your using habits
5. Unique 360 rotational mouthpiece design, easy to adapt to different vaping gestures
6. Ceramic chamber, keep the purest flavor
7. Sub ohm coil, conducive to produce dense vapor
8. Textured appearance and adorable touching feeling, not only an e-cigarette device but a craft

Brand: Airistech
Model: Switch
Battery: Built-in 2200mAh
USB Port: Micro USB
Output: 5V, 1A
Temperature Modes: 420 ??H /435 ??H / 450 ??H
Resistance: 0.8 – 1.0ohm
Product Size: 3.4 x 2.4 x 10.8cm
Package Size: 6 x 4 x 14cm
Product Weight: 0.2kg
Package Weight: 0.35kg

Package Contents:
1 x Airis Switch Device, 1 x Extra Herb Bullet, 1 x Wax Bullet, 1 x CBD Bullet, 2 x Extra Silicone lid, 3 x Pipe Cleaner, 1 x Fiber Carry Bag, 1 x USB Charging Cable, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x Dab Tool, 1 x User Manual

Airistech Switch VaporAiristech Switch Vapor Rotational mouthpiece designAiristech Switch Vapor heating fastAiristech Switch Vapor 3 replaceable bulletsAiristech Switch Vapor vibrate notificationAiristech Switch Vapor ceramic chamberAiristech Switch Vapor ari pathAiristech Switch Vapor 3 temperature settingAiristech Switch Vapor batteryAiristech Switch Vapor usb charging4-color Airistech Switch VaporAiristech Switch Vapor Package contents

Relx Replacement Pre-filled Pod Review

There are 15 flavors of Relx replacement pre-filled pod applicable to Relx vape pod close system Starter Kit, including fruit, tea, dessert, tobacco and so on, more choices, more refreshing experiences. You would obtain a pure taste that benefited from the ceramic coil inside.3 pieces in a pack.

Quick Links:
Relx Vape Pod Close System Kit

Main Features:
1. 15 flavors optional, including fruit, tea, dessert, and tobacco, refresh your taste from time to time
2. Ceramic coil, effective to resist dry heating and capture a pure taste
3. 650 puffs available from per cartridge, affordable for a well-content vaping experience

Brand: Relx
Puffs Available on Full Charge: 250
E-juice Capacity: 2ml
Pod Longevity: 650 puffs
Coil Type: Ceramic
15 Flavors: Tangy purple, mellow yellow, fruit tea, fresh cucumber, mint, fresh red, pink zest, green tea, blue burst, classic tobacco, tropical fruit, fruit, lemon tea, mung bean, white freeze
Product Size: 4.1 x 2 x 1cm
Package Size: 6 x 8 x 2 cm
Product Weight: 0.01kg
Package Weight: 0.05kg

Package Contents:
3 x Relx Replacement Pre-filled Pod Cartridge

Relx Replacement Pre-filled Pod Chinese Edition 15 Flavors & Package IncludesRelx Replacement Pre-filled Pod Chinese Edition Classic Flavor & Asian Classic FlavorRelx Replacement Pre-filled Pod Chinese Edition Flavor Fresh Flavor & TeaRelx Replacement Pre-filled Pod Chinese Edition Ingredients

Timesvape Dreamer V1.5 Mech Mod

On the basis of the last edition, Timesvape Dreamer V1.5 Mech Mod makes improvements in many ways to optimize your vaping experience, such as adding an insulator inside the top to maintain the operation stability, including a 18650 adapter to wide the battery compatibility, utilizing a constant button workable with the Dreamer Mech Mod, etc. 3 colors optional.

Main Features:
1. Compatible with single 18650 / 20700 / 21700 battery, easy to match up
2. Silver-plated copper contact pin, superior in the excellent conductivity
3. With an insulator inside of the top, enhance the security of the operation
4. Curved body, easy to hold

Brand: Timesvape
Model: Dreamer V1.5
Battery: 1 x 18650 / 20700 / 21700 ( Not included )
Material: Copper
Thread: 510
Product Size: 2.6 x 2.6 x 8.85cm
Package Size: 11 x 7 x 5cm
Product Weight: 0.22kg
Package Weight: 0.25kg

Package Contents:
1 x Dreamer Mechaopuiial Mod, 1 x 18650 Battery Adapter, 2 x Spare Spring, 1 x User Manual Card