Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max Mechanical Mod Review

The Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max mechanical mod is generous in working with an exteral 18650 / 20700 / 21700 battery to create a satisfying vaping for you. Treated well with designs of the 360 degrees full-contact and low voltage drop, you would definitely surf in a pleasant vaping with impressive power. Shaped in a palm size, it gets well with your pocket, handbag, wallet and so on when taking it out.

Main Features:
1. Compatible with single external 18650 / 20700 / 21700 battery, easy to match up
2. 360 degrees full contact design, efftctive to improve the responsiveness
3. Brass construction, guarantee the conducive stability
4. Pocket style, easy to carry with you

Brand: Thunderhead Creations
Model: Tauren Max
Battery: 1 x 18650 / 20700 / 21700 ( Not included )
Material: Brass
Features: Waterproof / shockproof / dustproof
Thread: 510
Product Size: 2.6 x 2.6 x 9.5cm
Package Size: 3.8 x 3.8 x 11.2cm
Product Weight: 0.161kg
Package Weight: 0.285kg

Package Contents:
1 x TAUREN MAX Mech Mod, 1 x 18650 Battery Adaptor, 1 x Storage Box, 1 x User Manual

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Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA Review

The highlight of the Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA is the 26-hole internal airflow structure and dual-slot external air outlet, inevitable to smoothen the flavor, thicken the vapor and reduce the impact on your throat. Thunderhead Creations Tauren one RTA allows you to enlarge thopqr loading capacity with the incidental 4.5ml bubble tube according to your actual vaping time and flavor requirement. You can finish the rebuilding within seconds benefiting from the single coil deck, keeping a pleasing mod from the assembling to vaping.

Main Features:
1. Single coil build deck, easy to build-up
2. Top filling design, simplify the refilling
3. Powerful airflow system, consist of a 26-hole 3D honeycomb construction and dual air outlets on the bottom
4. Incidental frosted PC bubble tube, accessible to a 4.5ml large capacity
5. Detachable structure, support cleaning

Brand: Thunderhead Creations
Model: ONE
Material: 304 stainless steel
Drip Tip: 810
Deck: Single coil building
Capacity: 2ml ( Expanded to 4.5ml )
Diameter: 24mm
Product Size: 2.4 x 2.4 x 4.1cm
Package Size: 8 x 4 x 6cm
Product Weight: 0.123kg
Package Weight: 0.16kg

Package Contents:
1 x Tauren One RTA, 1 x Allen Wrench, 1 x 4.5ml Frosted PC Bubble Tube, 1 x Bag of Extra Screw & O-ring, 1 x Aluminium Alloy Box with 510 Basement

Thunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5mlThunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml ComponentsThunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Single Coil Build DeckThunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Coil InstallationThunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Airflow SystemThunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Refilling SystemThunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Airflow ControlThunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Bubble TubeThunderhead Creations Tauren ONE RTA 4.5ml Package

Vaporesso Gen S Kit Review

Vaporesso Gen S Kit?220W 2PCs 18650 Battery

Gen S Kit is an updated version of Gen Kit that will provide you with an unprecedented leap in flavor. It consists of an 8ml NRG-S Tank and a replacement mod that is powered by dual 18650 batteries. Both of them are able to bring you a long-lasting vaping experience after one filling and charging. And it supports GT4 mesh coil and GT mesh coil, both of which utilize the upgraded MESHED technology to maximize interaction between e-juice and cotton, providing turbo heating performance. Besides, driven by AXON chip, it comes with user-friendly operating system. And there are 4 modes available: Pulse, Power ECO, Smart TC and DIY. What’s more, it is equipped with a 0.91-inch OLED screen to display vaping details and give you a more convenient operation.

Main Features:
1. 8ml NRG-S  Vape Tank with top filling design
2. Dual 18650 batteries with 220W max output
3. AXON chip for user-friendly operating system
4. GT Mesh coils with the upgraded MESHED technology
5. 4 modes: Pulse Mode, Power ECO, Smart TC and DIY
6. 2.5A fast charging in 60 minutes
7. 0.91-inch OLED screen for clear information

Brand: Vaporesso
Model: Gen S Kit
Dimensions: 145.5 x 53 x 30mm
Tank Capacity: 8ml
Coil: GT4 Meshed coil (0.15´Î, 50-75W); GT Meshed coil (0.18´Î, 50-85W)
Display: 0.91-inch OLED screen
Battery: 2 x 18650 (Not Included)
Power Range: 5-220W
Charge Current: 2.5A
Resistance Range: 0.03~5´Î

Package Contents:?
1 x GEN S Mod
1 x NRG-S Tank (8ml)
1 x GT4 Meshed Coil
1 x GT Meshed Coil
1 x Extra Glass Tube (5ml)
4 x O-Rings
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card


Vaporesso Luxe S 220W Touch Screen TC Kit Review

Vaporesso Luxe S 220W Touch Screen TC Kit with SKRR-S

The Vaporesso LUXE-S 220W starter kits with SKRR-S tank 8ml is the new version of LUXE. The LUXE-S box mod is powered by dual high rate batteries and supports 220w power. The box mod utilizes interchangeable magnetic battery door, which makes battery replacement easier. All-screen design makes the mod different from other mods with OLED screen. And it supports various modes and TC functions. 8ml tank has been changed to turn button which has makes it safer.

Main Feature:
1. Interesting appearance, new colors for different styles.
2. Pure taste, new air distribution system brings you a bright experience.
3. A large power capacity of 220W, makes you vape without burden.
4. Portable to charge with its micro USB.

1 x Luxe MOD
1 x SKRR-S Tank (8ml)
1 x QF Strips Coil 0.15ohm (Pre-installed)
1 x QF Meshed Coil 0.2ohm
1 x Replacement Glass Tube (5ml)
1 x Silicone Case
1 x O-Ring
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Guide
1 x Warranty Card

Nicotine and tar. Which one is harmful? what’s the difference?

If you are a smoker, you may have heard of the ingredients “nicotine” and “tar” contained in tobacco. However, few people seem to have a deep understanding of the characteristics of the two and their effects on the body. In this article, I will explain the details of nicotine and tar.

Typical health-related substances contained in tobacco

Tobacco is composed of various ingredients. Tobacco smoke contains about 4,000 different chemical substances, which have multiple effects on the human body. Among them, the famous ingredients are “nicotine” and “tar”. These two types are present in all tobacco products based on tobacco leaves and are closely related to the health of smokers.

First of all, nicotine is a highly dependent component and has a great impact on the human body’s chemical substances. I think many people who are used to smoking can no longer separate it as a luxury.

On the other hand, tar is the so-called “yani”, which is a particulate component, which removes gas components from smoke and smoke, and smoke is always generated when smoking. Due to its high viscosity, it will stay in the throat and lungs for a long time and affect the human body. Its color is also very strong, which may cause yellowing of teeth and room wipes. In addition, it has a unique strong smell, which can cause an unpleasant smell.

What is the difference between nicotine and tar?
Nicotine and tar are often confused as components in tobacco. But there are actually many differences. Both are components that affect the body, but first, it is important to master the correct knowledge.

Endanger health
When nicotine is taken, blood vessels constrict immediately. As a result, your heart rate may spike or become irregular. On the other hand, tar is said to have no such effects. In addition, it is known that nitrosamines produced during the decomposition of nicotine may have a great effect on the body.

On the other hand, tar contains more than 60 harmful ingredients, so the impact on health may be greater. In recent years, cigarettes that sell “low tar” and call for safety have also been released, but tar intake varies greatly depending on how individuals smoke. Remember, the view that “low-tar tobacco will not affect your health” is not always true, because if you smoke a lot, low-tar tobacco is still dangerous.

Nicotine binds to substances called “nicotinic receptors” in the brain and promotes the large secretion of dopamine, which is a substance that controls pleasure. Because smoking causes the rapid secretion of dopamine, it becomes dependent on nicotine. Depression and loss of attention during smoking cessation are also due to the effects of nicotine dependence. On the other hand, it is said that tar has no dependence.

Which is worse, nicotine or tar?

In the debate on tobacco, the theme is “Which is worse, nicotine or tar?” As a general premise, all of these are ingredients with a high level of toxicity. However, in terms of “more impact”, Tar is better.

For example, Reuters published an article stating that “nicotine is a catalyst for the development of a smoking habit, while tar is a catalyst for harming health.” Due to its strong dependence on nicotine, nicotine is generally considered to be the greatest danger of smoking. However, in reality, tar usually affects health, so it can be said that tar has a greater impact on the human body.

Nicotine does have effects such as “heart rate surge”. However, research is also underway to use these properties of nicotine to help treat heart disease. In addition, it is believed that nicotine can enhance sensory information processing functions, and it is believed that nicotine can be used to treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and Parkinson’s disease. If you have a smoking habit but pay attention to your health, you should pay special attention to tar measures.

E-cigarette etiquette when meeting with non-smokers (VAPE)

One thing smokers should pay attention to is “spend time with non-smokers.” Many non-smokers stay away from tobacco. Everyone has certain reasons, such as dislike smoking or worrying about bad breath or body odor. Considering these non-smokers, this is a good way for smokers to smoke.

Similarly, in some cases, non-smokers are healthier than smokers. This is because it is said that compared with the mainstream smoke inhaled by smokers, the exhaled sidestream smoke is much more harmful to the human body. Smokers should be aware that smoking will affect the health of the people around them.

In recent years, smoking awareness around the world has changed. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with smoke separation and consider quitting smoking. In this case, I hope you choose “Electronic Cigarette (VAPE)”. VAPE is a new type of tobacco that enjoys the steam produced by heating a flavored liquid instead of tobacco leaves. Various types of liquids are on sale, and you can enjoy various aromas and tastes by changing the liquid.

MybluTM is an electronic cigarette (VAPE) that can be purchased in Japan. Unlike traditional tobacco, it contains zero nicotine and tar. It can be said that it is an electronic cigarette (VAPE), which is less harmful than cigarettes and is very safe. You can also obtain VAPE-containing nicotine by separately importing overseas manufactured products.

Electronic cigarettes (VAPE) are widely loved all over the world, and it is an item that should be given due consideration to the people around them. Unlike cigarettes and heating cigarettes, it does not use tobacco leaves, so it can reduce the harmful effects of sidestream smoke. On the other hand, inferior goods may be mixed into VAPE that is only traded on the Internet. If you start using VAPE for health, make sure you understand the ingredients and the manufacturer clearly before choosing a reliable product.

Vape is significantly less addictive than cigarettes

Recently, the National Institutes of Health released a research report on the addiction of e-cigarettes on its official website: “Comparison of e-cigarette and cigarette dependence-a horizontal study of American adults”, pointing out that e-cigarette addiction is significantly lower than cigarettes.

National Institutes of Health: E-cigarettes are significantly less addictive than cigarettes

The research was led by scholars from the Pinney Society of the University of Pittsburgh, and seniors from the Medical University of South Carolina, RAND Corporation, and Johns Hopkins University all gave suggestions for the research.
They conducted a large-scale sampling, grouped “pure e-cigarette smokers”, “pure cigarette smok“, and “dual smokers” who used e-cigarettes and cigarettes at the same time, and observed and observed their conditions during the quit Compared.

The results of the study show that: “dual smokers” are significantly less dependent on electronic cigarettes than cigarettes. In addition, comparing “pure e-cigarette smokers” and “pure cigarette smokers”, “pure e-cigarette smokers” are obviously more likely to get rid of their addiction.

National Institutes of Health: E-cigarettes are significantly less addictive than cigarettes
“The addictiveness of e-cigarettes is always lower than that of cigarettes.” The conclusion of this research report shows partly.

The research report also pointed out that as a device for delivering nicotine, it is normal for electronic cigarettes to have a certain degree of dependence. The health authorities have made it clear that the hazards of smoking are not caused by nicotine or nicotine salts, but because when cigarettes are burned, the smoke contains a lot of toxic substances, and smokers often expose themselves to these toxic substances.

National Institutes of Health: E-cigarettes are significantly less addictive than cigarettes

From the perspective of harm reduction, if e-cigarettes succeed in replacing cigarettes and reduce the health risks of users, then a certain degree of dependence may be necessary. People shift their interest in cigarettes to e-cigarettes, so that cigarette smokers gradually turn into e-cigarette smokers.

Research has observed that most people who have a high degree of dependence on e-cigarettes have just switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, which is a “dependency shift”. When they use e-cigarettes more frequently and in larger quantities, they are more likely Successfully transitioned from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Although they used e-cigarettes frequently at this time, their madness was still lower than that of cigarette smokers.

“E-cigarettes are less addictive than cigarettes, which means that if smokers transition from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, their dependence on nicotine will be reduced, and at the same time, health risks will also be reduced. This also further shows: After using e-cigarettes, they will find that it will be easier for them to quit e-cigarettes altogether if they want to.”

Steam Crave HADRON Bundle Review

Steam Crave HADRON Bundle Sale with Ragnar Advanced Kit (Fifth Anniversary Ddition)

The Hadron 220 Mod has been out for a while and is a dual 21700 battery YiHi powered device designed to accommodate those large tanks Steam Crave are renowned for. The device works very happily as an high powered standard device in either Power or TC modes with great accuracy but has a BF fed 510 with socket on the rear for the fitting of a squonk backpack which is now ready.
The Hadron 220 is available still on it’s own as is the backpack but both can be purchased as a bundle as can the Hadron, squonk backpack and their latest RDTA advanced kit the Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA which is described as the Hadron’s perfect partner.
Originally going to be called the Viking RDTA but changed due to copyright issues to the Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA, Steam Craves latest Tank offers the same versatility as the previously released Aromamizer V2 Plus RDTA which was very well received by those that love their big tanks. The RDTA has multiple airflow configurations, juice flow control, chamber reducer allowing Aromamizer Plus decks to be used, can be used in RDA mode, has a 35mm diameter and juice capacity of 18ml or 25ml with the extension and bigger glass included with the advanced kit.


Package Contents:?

Hadron 220:
1x Micro USB Cable
1x Dual 18650 adaptor
1x Spare Backpack port bung
0-rings for 510 plate
1x Steam Crave sticker
1x User Manual

Hadron 220 Squonk Backback:
1 HADRON Squonk Backpack
1 Mounting Screws
1 Pack of O-Rings
1 User Guide

Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA:
1 x Steam Crave Aromamizer Ragnar RDTA???????
1 x Chamber Reducer
1 x Spare 18ml glass
1 x Allen Key
1 x Spare o-rings and screws
1 x User Manual
1 x Steam Crave Sticker

Advanced Kit Also Includes:
1 x Chimney Extension
2 x 25ml Glass
1 x Mesh Deck Kit
1 x Velocity Deck
1 x Vape Band

Other Products

Stream Crave Aromamizer Lite RTA 

Steam Crave Mesh Deck

Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus

Swiss court repealed a ban on vape

The Swiss Federal Court recently decided to overturn the previous several-year ban on the sale of Vape products. This overturned law prohibits the sale of Vape or Vape oil containing nicotine, and users are allowed to purchase imported Nice Vape products for personal use.

The Swiss Federal Administrative Court (FAC) and the Swiss Vape company InSmoke stood together this time to oppose the ban. According to the website of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation Swissinfo, the government has been working to lift the ban, but the court’s decision will immediately terminate the ban on nicotine.

According to a report by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation Swissinfo, Judith Deflorin of the Swiss Federal Food Safety Agency (FSVO) told the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRF): “The FAC’s decision on Tuesday was to import and sell eleaf Vape containing nicotine. The oil is used in Vape, effective immediately.”

It’s a pity that they have to wait so long and consume a lot of energy instead of helping more people replace ijoy cigarettes. (According to the article, Vape users account for only 0.7% of the Swiss population, while France and the UK are about 5%)

Switzerland is not a member of the European Union (EU), so it is not subject to the Tobacco Product Regulations (TPD) of the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the other 25 EU member states on the specifications of e-liquid bottles and cans and the nicotine content. According to a report by the Swiss broadcaster Swissinfo, the number of Vape users in Switzerland is about 0.7%, which is 60,000 out of the country’s 8.4 million population.

The Swiss Vape community group Helvetic Vape is one of the earliest Vape organizations in Europe, established in 2013. This group is actively committed to advocating for the government to relax restrictions on Vape. Helvetic TimesVape recently issued a statement describing the needs of the Swiss company Vape.

International Nicotine Consumer Organization (INNCO), an advocacy group from all over the world, is also located in Switzerland.

smok vape nord 2 RPM80 Pro mag trinity alpha Nfix Kit 25W review

Vapeciga smok nord 2 water resistant, shock, 18650 mod with TFV9 tank. Let deepen this comment Smok SCAR-18 and TFV9 and more.


This product has been delivered to Smok kind of generosity for the purpose of impartial examination. Other thoughts you will find below are mine and are not affected by the fact that this gifted as an examination of the sample.


Please note that this article may contain affiliate links, which helps fund the site vaporizer Make ‘N’.



Undoubtedly the vaporizer device looks and style is subjective for me Smok SCAR-18 with a kit TFV9 coil storage tank is good research. While SCAR-battery 18 is powered by a double 18650 and driven by the chipset IQ-X. IP67 is also waterproof and dust, and also according Smok shock. TFV9 Smok Other features capacity of 6.5 ml e-liquid and a new look. But it is Smok SCAR-18 and TFV9 without any problems? Let’s take a close look review of Smok SCAR-18 and TFV9.


The contents of the box

Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect to see included with Smok SCAR-18 and TFV9 kit.


Smok SCAR-18

1x Smok SCAR-18 Mod

Smok TFV9 1x 6.5 ml (2 ml TPD)

Maille V9 2x 0.15Ω Coils

1x Replacement glass bubbles (TPD hetero)

1x Micro USB Type B

1x user manual


Distinctive packaging laminate Smok forward with color options for photographs Smok SCAR-18 and TFV9. In addition to the content of the characteristics of the case, the main characteristics and authenticity Auditor. While back in the function of normal health warning.


Then remove the box cover, revealing the manual and mod Smok SCAR-18 being in a plastic inlay. Also under embedding sitting Smok V9 TFV9 with a tight coil to the water pre-installed. While the coil, glass, and a USB cable replacement to sit together.


manufacturing quality

Image of the side panel of the bronze SCAR-18 mod Smok

Undoubtedly, both Smok SCAR-18 with the kit TFV9 tank is good looking, although I prefer the black version and in the opinion of the SCAR-P3 and P5. However, rubber coated matte bronze finish, Smok SCAR-18 looks and feels good. Marble effect palmrest provides not only a lot of grip. However, because it is a little sweet, very pleasant to the touch. While SCAR-18 weighs 183.5g, weight is a very strong sense of mod and sturdiness.


Images of the dashboard Smok SCAR-18

Similar to the show new RPM80 Pro is not present in the front edge of the plastic fairing. Furthermore, the design is very neat and key sounds are both sensitive and well positioned for easy use. In addition, the design of the LCD screen is nice and clean. But people with impaired vision may have difficulty with smaller readings. However, none of the usual color theme options to divert attention from the arrangement, which is great to see.


Although usually not the sharpest LCD Smok, the SCAR-18 LCD screen looks sharper. Of course, this makes the small screen a little easier. But in a review sample of glue residue include LCD. While this is slowly emerging, yet it is unlikely to receive the MOD with adhesive covering the screen.


perhaps there will be many disappointed by the absence of C-fast charging USB connection. However, it is always preferable battery charger 18650 is primarily responsible for making the foreground.


battery cover

Photos door the battery compartment on the scar-18

While the great method of SCAR-P5 Smok lock with the launch of push and close the door easily. But Smok SCAR-18 carries only fits without batteries inserted. In addition, after the battery is in the SCAR-18, the battery door was very difficult to close. The important thing is that no blows to the battery accordingly. Maybe I was not possible with the review sample, we will wait.


510 connector

Images of the connector 510 Smok SCAR-18

Undoubtedly the SCAR Smok-18 28mm TFV9 right place. But also it house a 30 mm tank without spilling. The important 510 Pine center offers a good level of rigidity. Although the two cutting wire is smooth and silky. This gives some confidence in the long-term use. In addition, the center pin appeared to throw around 2-3 mm, which is good to see.


Smok TFV9

Smok photo TFV9 Network

Any first embarrassing red coat on Smok TFV9 is not near as mod, and are visually very visible. Also, if you do not have the care to close the lid, paint thinner and varnish can be removed completely.


thread images of the base and the top cover Smok TFV9

However TFV9 own outer knurled countersunk both the control ring airflow and the top cover. While the bobbin thread and easy chimney base. The top of the lid to open and close rigidity begin. However, silicone gasket installed in its place immediately. Furthermore, it remains firmly in place with a silicone gasket, glass remains hermetically fixed without leakage.



Smok SCAR-18

The dimensions of the base to the top of Smok SCAR-18 is 88 mm high. Furthermore, SCAR-18 having a width of 30.6mm and depth of 54 mm from the front to the back.


Smok TFV9

The important thing is that there are two different dimensions to smok mag click in. In addition to the standard version has a diameter of 28 mm and a height of 56 mm. While the release TPD has a diameter of 25.5 mm and high 50 mm.



TC mode photography in Smok SCAR-18

A time offering no noise watt mode vaping style, Smok SCAR-18 is also equipped with a temperature control. In addition to a quick and easy access to adjust the nominal ohm coil, power and TCR values ​​when the TC mode.


In addition to power the SCAR-18 is for use 5 Click the shutter button. Furthermore, 3-click mode is vape with a breath counter reset at the end of the selection. For now, the fire and the same time the lock release button Watts. But for those who want to change the color of the screen, hold down the shutter button and up.


VW – Watt Variable

Is likely Watts limited set allows fine adjustment of the vaporizer experience. Especially with Smok SCAR-18 and the control knob allows adjustment increments 1W. Perfect for a good balance coil output power and personal preferences.


Ni TC / TC Ti / SS

After the metal helical coil is selected to adjust the temperature around the top and bottom of the keys. However coils ohms (Ω) rating, power and TCR values ​​can be adjusted by clicking the shutter button three times. Followed by pressing the shutter button to move to the desired option and then use the up and down buttons to adjust.


Battery use

Smok photo SCAR-18 support

With the double-18650 (not included), the battery performance of Smok SCAR-18 is better than expected. Then on the screen, the battery level icon as the percentage of reproduction is displayed in both. So similar to mobile phones. In addition to charging fees when the remaining time is also shown that it is always nice to see. However, the closing of the battery cover with the battery inserted very difficult and does not seem to be perfect.


However, some will be disappointed with a Mini USB connection, and the level of SCAR-18 5V 1.3A max. However, I still strongly recommend not using the model for charging. The importance something special battery charger from a reputable manufacturer will always be a safer option.



filling method Smok TFV9 photo

Due to high design lift and turn the cap. Vapeciga smok trinity alpha not only fast and easy filling. But simply lifting method on / lock pressing the cap it should not be canceled by the movement. Of course, this is a great improvement over the TFV8. But to start with a silicon gasket is a little too tight makes opening and closing rigid. However, it only lasted a few minutes, and then deposited in investment.


Smok TFV9 sealing cap damage. They must stand so close.

Important precautions to be taken when the top cover is conducted in the closed position. It must also be raised when closed to prevent damage and remove paint.



Photos airflow Smok TFV9

Interestingly fully adjustable TFV9 is not so loud in the airflow as another roll aluminum tank integrated into the market. Moreover, in addition to a smooth ring moves the position of the airflow control, the remains of a smooth vape without turbulence.


replacement spool

Photo coil replacement is Smok TFV9

A replacing one coil on the coil TFV9 Smok storage tank should be an easy case. But suffers from some problems TFV8 original. In addition, it can be tied coil too good for fireplaces and outside the glass needs. allowing a better grip, but the messy reel. Therefore, the coil TFV9 not be replaced while there and liquid is left.


However replace and priming of the coil is a case of taking the old reel. Besides choosing the new coil with a few drops of e-liquid in the fireplace and the coils of each drill hole. screw spindle near TFV9, and filler. The important thing is let stand for 10-15 minutes to saturate the coil.


In general, and part of the testing process, leave the coil is used and filled with liquid-I to sit for TFV9 to less 24 hours. Consequently, the reservoir does not leak to the coil or coils 250 flashes. Although the taste is good, more than 250 flashes intermittently flooding COIL leak out of the air flow from the hole.


Maille V9 coil 0.15Ω

photograpgh Smok V9 mesh Coil 0.15Ω

Undoubtedly shaft to mesh coil V9 0.15Ω as a champion. Furthermore V9 mesh coil preferred fruit flavors and cola his e-liquid. Furthermore, as the RPM coil 2 0.16Ω, exclusive fruit come through well. But while the mesh V9 0.15Ω coils provide softness and before some liquid. Unfortunately, I did not bring full profile cream and flan.


Chipset and Protection

While get code SMOK Nfix Kit 25W has the IQ-X chipset players experience vaporizer. In addition to IQ-X offers the following levels of protection.


Low battery (Overvoltage protection) – block-level battery has dropped to a point of no return.

Ohm too low – cut Security.

Ohm is too high – security court.

Brief atomize – cutting up, the coil can be blown.

PCBA too hot – high temperature protection, both the protection of the electronic card and battery.

Timeout 8s – Protects against accidental firing continued.

Although there is no specified protection for USB. However, it would be reasonable to assume that there is some level of protection.



Smok SCAR-18 Specification 54 * 30.6 * 88mm

Dimensions 30.6mm (W) x 54mm (D) x 88mm (T)

output power range 1W – 230W (VW) / 10 – 230W (TC)

output voltage 0.5 – 8.0V (unselected)

battery type and quantity 2x 18650

Material Mod frame – zinc alloy, rubber coating?

0.10- 2.50Ω resistance range (VW) / 0.05 – 2.00Ω (TC)

Temperature range 100 ℃ – 315 ℃ / 200 ℉ – 600 ℉

183.5g weight

Smok specifications TFV9

dimensions 6.5 ml of 28 mm (diameter) x 56 mm (height)

Dimensions (TPD) 25.5 mm (diameter) x 50 mm (height)

stainless steel wood, silicone seal.

Weight 62 g / 65 g (TPD)


Smok obviously SCAR-18 and TFV9 both had a little niggle with everyone. Furthermore TFV9 suffer coil to be difficult to remove during roll changing. Furthermore TFV9 suffer from intermittent floods and leak V9 mesh coil after coil receives over 250 inhalations. The important thing the rigidity close the battery compartment of Smok-18 SCAR uncomfortable. However, this can only ask SCAR-18 I received for review.



While Smok SCAR-18 received had a problem with the door of the battery compartment too rigid. However, it is possible that this is a stop and if it passes Smok SCAR-18 is a mod. More pleasing to the touch and feels good in the hand. In addition, it is easy to use in general manufacturing SCAR-18 mod will continue to use. Although the coil leakage V9 mesh 0.15Ω, the taste is good and good products and soft vape. How important the problem was probably caused by a leak coil and should be treated by Smok.

You can buy here: smok vape

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review of vape battery smok nord rpm80 coils mag p3 trinity alpha nfix kit

Vapeciga smok nord starter kit one sheath monster with a 7.5 ml capacity and 18,650 dual battery. But it’s too much? RPM160 deepen all Smok this test and more information.

These products were shipped to Smok kind of generosity for the purpose of an impartial review. other thoughts you find below are my own and are not affected by the fact that this gifted as a control sample.

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links, which helped fund the spray site Make ‘N’.

Probably Smok RPM160 is a monster of a gondola from the unit. Although the 18650 has a double and a large battery capacity 7.5 ml E-liquid. Is this a sign that things are changing in the world of Smok RPM160 system? But RPM160 all the air? Let’s take a closer glance comments Smok RPM160.

The contents of the box
Here is a brief summary of what you can expect to see included in the kit Smok RPM160.

Smok RPM160
1x unit of Smok RPM160
Pod RPM160 Smok 1x 7.5 ml (2 ml TPD)
2x coil mesh 0.15Ω RPM160
1x Micro USB Type B
1x user manual

laminate typical packaging Smok before with options for color images Smok RPM160. In addition to the main features exposed as icons and text. Although the content behind the box office, the authenticity of the listener, warnings and compliance with government logos.

Advance and remove the outer sheath and the cover of the user manual revealed glovebox device Smok RPM160 preassembled. While USB cable reels and sit together.

manufacturing quality

Although the shape is unusual, show new smok rpm80 pro coils surprisingly slim and stylish look as well as panels carbon fiber false

Despite weighing 120 g without the battery while in the hands of plastically robustness RPM160 denied. Although usability lines remains comfortably in hand nets. Also I liked the form factor RPM160.

While the front fascia is composed of large carbon panels imitation ordered a set of pages and sounds buttons are sensitive to both ease of use and practical.

However, some, I personally do not care may be disappointed by the lack of USB-C ports, since the only chargers supposed to be used to charge the batteries of 18,650.

With the battery inserted, the battery door remains firm and while there was no movement move slightly upward is not visible when handling. In addition to maintaining the battery cover it is easy to open without excessive traction to operate.

Undoubtedly LCD Smok is not the sharpest, and the light that can make it difficult to display bright day without hat in hand. However RPM160 Smok very good disposition. Besides making the arrangement is controlled readable readings. On the other hand, there is no option on the issue of ordinary colors to distract the layout, which is ideal for watching.

Smok RPM160 Pod

As it expected pod smok mag p3 click in own well trained and trained PCTG a little dark

However, judging from the e-liquid level is very good. Pod also has advanced integrated drop by drop, drip tip easy to use and perfectly balanced with the coil covered mesh 0.15Ω.

Furthermore, the fill hole in the back of the nacelle is a good size to facilitate filling mark rotary seals. But while removing the seals, if the car is driven, you can leave behind the housing and land on the floor. sheath remains strong in the use and rock solid when pushed forward.

Basic dimensions to the top of the device, height 125 mm Smok RPM160 Inc. drip tip. Furthermore RPM160 has a 28.2mm wide and 45mm deep from front to back.


Time vaping style offer customized voice Smok RPM160 watt and counter offers breath mode.

In addition to Smok energy RPM160 5 Custom, click the shutter. In addition, 3, click the button drawn fire for preventing the device. For now, the fire and the same time the release button Watts. In addition to the fire button and reset the counter to zero, the next breath.

Variable watt – VW
Watts will likely limit set enables fine adjustment of the vaporizer experience. Especially with Smok RPM160, control buttons allow gradual adjustment 1W. Perfect for a good balance of the power output coil and personal preferences

battery usage

With two 18650 battery, but the battery Smok economic RPM160. More vaping to 62W with 2000 mAh battery will last between 250-300 flashes depending on battery life.

In addition to the battery level for the second screen shown on the battery icon and the percentage of reproduction. So similar to mobile phones. Additionally, when charging the cost of the remaining time displayed is always good to see. An evidentiary RPM160 Smok Smok produce 5.12V increase the ratio of 1.26A.


Vapeciga smok trinity alpha battery replacement definitely super easy filling, filling holes with good size and joints are twisted way.

In addition, the filling hole is placed at the rear, there is no need to remove the pod for a refill. However, the location of the filling hole can cause problems. Moreover, if the push behind the pod, they can be pushed out of the device and landed on the floor. Therefore, putting a finger in the back of the nacelle to support the opening and filling the casing 2 in kind.


Despite the lack of air flow established RPM160 Smok, airflow provides DTL vape loose. But the flow of air sucked through the front and back of the product is very gentle spray. Interestingly Smok RPM160 much quieter because the greater the air flow,

spool replacement

A coil replacement is fun and easy to handle Smok RPM160. Not to be replaced with a roll of the remaining e-liquid. But replacing and priming of the coil is a case of taking the old rolls. Followed by the initiation of a new reel with a few drops of e-liquid two coils and a fireplace in each port of discharge. Placed next to the coil sheath RPM160 and recharge. The key is to let it sit for 10-15 minutes to saturate the coil.

One point to note, as part of the testing process, leaving a jacket containing liquid and a carrier for at least 24 hours. Therefore, there is no leakage or duct coil, which is good to see.

mesh coil RPM160 0.15Ω – 70W

No doubt Smok RPM160 0.15Ω coil performs better than expected and its axis like a champ. 62-65W also perfectly during the test. Furthermore Fried Sweet Mango came through very well and produces a sweet lemon curd. In addition, brown sugar crumble gently spray is perfectly balanced.

But do not think that the support coil RPM160 point 0.15Ω. Perhaps because of the size of the coil, the coil continues to produce good taste to mark 600 puff. If the flavor and reduce, it could reach 900 puffs before suffering damage.

Chipset and Protection
Although the CI-160 chipset has a response time of 0.001s, I do not have a means test. But I can say that the response time is very fast without any delay visible.

Moreover smok nfix kit price get code offers the following levels of protection.

Low Battery (protection against surges) – battery pack level has been reduced to a point of no return.
Ohm too low – Cutting Security.
Ohm is too high – security court.
protection at high temperatures, both the protection of the electronic card and the battery – PCBA too hot.
Timeout 8s – Protects against accidental shooting continued.
Interestingly, there is no protection for USB reported. However, it would be reasonable to assume that there is some level of protection.

Specifications RPM160 Smok
Dimensions 28.2mm (W) x 45mm (D) x 125 mm (H) (peak dropwise, Inc.)
output power range 5W – 160 W
the output voltage 0.5 – 8.2V (unselected)
Type and amount of battery 2x 18650
Marco mod materials – plastic Terminals – PCTG
resistance range 0.1 – 2.5Ω
Weight 120 g (excluding batteries)
Undoubtedly, there is little to complain Smok RPM160. Moreover, the only problem was the original car, if pushed too long to recharge.

No doubt many will Smok RPM160 redundant earlier. However, the economy and a replaceable battery makes RPM160 18650 fun to use. However, several coils is sheathed RTA RPM160 that starts to make sense. In addition, the RPM160 Smok form factor with your back flat and not just the networks RPM160 lines are pleasing to the touch. But perfect to sit comfortably in a jacket pocket or a custom support or belt. With good taste and longevity 0.15Ω RPM160 coil, which Smok RPM160 related to a hit with many.

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